Holy Spirits
Street Ball
Church Hat

By popular demand, Artist Andre Montgomery, produces high quality and stunning digitally enhanced portrait paintings. Now you can have any photo turned into a beautiful painting printed on 100% cotton canvas. These are great gifts for weddings, graduations, sports and more. Please click on the images for sizes and pricing.


African American Artwork Priced to Sell

All of our African American artwork is priced to sell. Because there is no middle man, you are also assured to get wholesale like prices. If it's quality you want, but on a tight budget, you've come to the right place.

Quality of our Black Artwork

The paper artwork is printed on 10 mil photographic paper. The canvas art is printed on 17 mil 100% cotton canvas. We currently have several different black art pieces to choose from. All of the artwork is printed using the "Finest Pigmented Inks" available on the market, and are rated to last over 100 years. The artwork was designed to replicate the artist's Original Black Art Painting. Each canvas piece is tightly hand stretched to size, and sprayed with a genuine UV coating for an added protection against harmful UV Rays. Most of our customers are surprised and impressed by the quality of the prints, and often ask "Is this the Original piece of artwork?". If you have any questions or comments about our artwork or pricing feel free to e-mail us.

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Lotus Flower

Welcome To AndreArt.com

Welcome   to  Andre  Art  we  have  a   great selection  of  Black  artwork  and   original ebony artwork  to choose from in our  online Black Art Gallery. On this site you won't find lithographs or offset prints.  You  will, however,  find paper  and "hand  stretched" canvas Giclee's. Original Hand  Painted Oils and Acrylic  artwork  on canvas  is  also available upon request. All of the art is created by artist, Andre Montgomery. Inside of our Black Art Gallery, you  will find limited edition prints, open edition  prints, jazz art, African art, and black art with sports images.

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What is African American Art Work?

African American art is a broad term describing the visual arts of the American black community. Influenced by various cultural traditions, including those of Africa, Europe and the Americas, traditional African American art forms include the range of plastic arts, from basket weaving, pottery and quilting to woodcarving and painting.

What is Black Art Work?

Black art (art nègre) can refer to: Art forms by persons of African descent (related articles: African art, African literature, African film, African American studies, African American art, African American literature, African American film, Black Art Group Caribbean art, Caribbean literature, Caribbean film etc.) This specifically relates to the American, Australasian or European.

What is Ebony Art Work?

Ebony refers to a deep black color in nature. It also represents the type of black artwork created on this site.

Free Me Lord- Woman
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Soulful Spirits
Down Home Blues
Strength & Beauty
Ghetto Jazz
Bible Stories
Nuthin But a Party
Love & Strength